Friday, December 10, 2010

Week 7 (music success in 9 weeks)

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How to build your mailing list

This weeks’ chapter goes hand in hand with week 6, which was about writing newsletters

Firstly, some of the previous ideas have already helped to grow our mailing list: Giving away free songs on our website and getting a blogs review our CDs and/or host CD giveaways. Our Facebook page has grown from by about 40 fans in the past two weeks!

I am slowly trying to mine my email inbox, CD Baby sales reports and Facebook page for prospective mailing list recipients. I’m planning to start sending out the first emails towards the beginning of next year. I feel that some planning is needed first, and am also brainstorming ideas for a kids fan club.

I love the idea of devoting a set time each week to growing the list. In fact my creative partner and I have realised the necessity of a weekly meeting to plan ahead, and to divide the marketing/P.R. and distribution work up accordingly.




Graeme Sacks

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