Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Week 9 (music success in 9 weeks)

Creating a continuum program


The final chapter in Music success in 9 weeks is a recap of previous weeks, and a look to the future.
The idea is to create a way to get fans to buy from you on a regular basis.

Some of the plans we want to put into action from next year:

  • Fanclub for kids, with free gifts when they join
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Freebies in every newsletter (MP3 downloads, videos etc)
  • Competitions
  • Merchandise for sale
  • Teacher’s packs for use in classrooms

And we’re hoping to bring out 2 more albums in the series in 2011.


These 9 weeks have flown by, and I have learned a lot. More than anything it highlighted the need for setting up systems, and routines. I have a ton of ideas to begin implementing in 2011, and we will be more structured and focused in our future marketing/P.R. campaigns.

I intend referring back to the book on a regular basis, and will post further updates on our progress in 2011

Thanks Ariel for giving us some great tools! And thanks to all the other blog contestants for offering great advice on the forums!


Graeme Sacks

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