Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We Love Rock ‘n Roll (Lessons with my nephew)

Buddy in the vocal booth

Song number two is done! (for more info on what this is all about, please visit my first post about lessons with Buddy)

There are a few time signature changes in this song, so I mapped out the entire song with all the changes so that the click (metronome) would reflect them.

This one took a lot longer than the previous one did, as the December holidays arrived smack bang in the middle of it, and Buddy broke his arm at the end of January!


Once again Buddy played all the parts in on the keyboard. We started with drums (the snare intro first), then added bass and guitars. He practiced the different parts at home. I slowed down the track substantially in the studio so that Buddy could comfortably play the parts. I sang and/or clapped the part that he was to program and he practised along. Then I hit “record” and we put down a few bars at a time. I made him do it over and over until it was correct. I did quantize the parts once they were played in. (For non-music people “quantization is the process of aligning a set of musical notes to a precise setting. This results in notes being set on beats and on exact fractions of beats”  – Wikipedia). I taught Buddy how to copy and paste clips so that he could paste them later in the song and not have to play them again. Lastly we recorded the vocals. I got Buddy to overdub the choruses a few times (and his friend Mandla helped out on 1 take, singing “put another dime in the juice-box baby”)


At around 01min40sec into the song is a solo that Buddy spontaneously played and I was fortunate enough capture. I decided to leave it as is: It’s not quantized or edited in any way and was done in 1 take!

Have a listen to the song below, and as always comments/suggestions are welcome.



P.S. we started “Eye of the Tiger” last week (Buddy requested it) and will post it here once it’s done.