Monday, January 4, 2010



I have a great idea!

Let’s do things our forefathers did without giving any thought as to why they did them (or why we’re doing them). We’ll do it just because they did. Our parents did it. Their parents did it. No need to question. If generations of people have done it then it must be sacred. And of course, no one is allowed to question anything if it’s sacred.

Well, in theory we have a constitution that upholds freedom of speech, so you can actually question tradition. But you’ll be shouted down:
“How dare anyone question my tradition? It’s been passed down to me from my father, and my father’s father, and my father’s father's father…
You are insulting my family, my heritage, my culture! You don’t understand!”

Some traditions are harmless and fun. Some are chauvinistic. Some traditions cause pain and suffering to animals. Some traditions mutilate children. Some result in death.

But it’s a part of our culture. So it’s OK?