Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Week 3 (music success in 9 weeks)

Week 2 was about creating the perfect pitch…we’ve created a pitch. But is it perfect? It’s a work in progress!

Screen shot

This week is about optimising the website: http://www.africantreehouse.com

Some of the concepts suggested in “Music success in 9 Weeks

  • We’ve added our current pitch to the site.
  • It should load in less than 3.5seconds…however with our “broadband” speeds in South Africa, this is rather difficult to ascertain! I think it loads fairly quickly though.
  • I ditched the flash site months ago. It was slow, and not compatible with all browsers.
  • I’ve added free downloads – and as a result have already had new fans sign up to the mailing list!
  • I try to keep the home page current, by regularly adding news & reviews.


Side Note: African Numbers got the most fantastic review from “Portfolio Collection”!


  1. Well, I'm in Texas, and it loads in less then 1 second here, so I think you're spiffy! (o: Nice blog! Yours is pithy and to the point. Mine is rather wordy and silly. Lol. Good job! I like it. And I really like the clean look of your site a LOT.

  2. I'd echo Jennifer and say that your site is very nice: Simple but effective. Isn't it exciting when you get that first mailing list signup as a result of the freebie?

  3. Off to a solid start. And I concur on the site! Clean and easy to navigate. Just the way it should be.

    Very exciting to have you in the challenge

    Best, Ariel