Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Week 2 (music success in 9 weeks)

The Pitch

The perfect pitch
We’re into week two of Music Success in 9 Weeks (you can read the intro here, and about week 1 here)

This week is all about building the perfect pitch.

This task has been rather difficult, but at the same time quite a valuable exercise. In Music Success in 9 Weeks Ariel Hyatt mentions that writing a good pitch is not unlike writing a song. And like so after much tweaking and many rewrites we ended up with something suitable. I use the phrase “ended up with” rather loosely as we may decide to make further adjustments later!
We needed something that describes our music, concept and outlook in a short, yet enticing way.
Some points that we wanted to convey:
  1. Our music is decidedly African. It’s earthy and authentic.
  2. Its music for kids but…
  3. We try to write music for kids that isn’t condescending
  4. We use good (no make that great!) musicians on the albums.
  5. We try to make kids music that adults will tolerate (and hopefully enjoy) after repeated listens
  6. We are passionate about these albums and put a lot of heart and soul into them.
  7. The music is educational, it has a sense of humour and it grooves!
After much hammering, chiselling, breaking and gluing bits together, we finally came up with:

Real world music for real kids, made with love, from Africa.

No purple dinosaurs were used in the making of this album.

Disclaimer: Adults are not immune to the contagious rhythms

If you'd like to listen to our music please visit: http://www.africantreehouse.com

What are your thoughts?


  1. My idea: A joyful safari of educational world music for kids, made with love, from Africa

  2. I really like Jennifer's line!
    In any case, here's an alternative just because:
    Music made to get kids singing and learning to the beat of Africa’s top musicians

  3. Hmmm....OK. Back to the drawing board....