Monday, July 25, 2011

Buddy does “Eye of the Tiger”

Eye of the Tiger
Song number three. 
(For more info on what this is all about, please visit my first post about lessons with Buddy)

Our studio lessons have been going well. We start each lesson with 15 minutes of clapping rhythm exercises.

I found an iPad app recently called “Rhythm sight reading trainer” (iTunes link) which is proving to be successful.
It generates 2-bar sight reading patterns. The user taps the rhythms on the iPad and the app shows how accurately it was played. It’s not the most intuitive interface for a kid, but after two lessons Buddy warmed to it and I think it will prove very useful.

“Eye of the Tiger” was Buddy’s choice of song. It had quite a few parts to it and proved rather challenging. As always Buddy programmed every part. I sometimes sang the parts to him first, then he would play them in. I quantised some of the parts, but the guitars are as he played them.

Here’s the finished song:

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